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Thu, 07. March 2013; Lecture Hall 31, Main Building

Jewish Minority, the League of Nations' Minority Protection System and the Question of Loyality Jüdische Minderheiten - An Overview

Omry Kaplan-Feuereisen, Berlin


Thu, 18. April 2013; Seminar Room SEM42, Juridicum I

Jewish Addresses? House Numbering, Jewish Conscriptions and Offices of Public Addresses as Means of Administration Jews in the Early Modern Period

Anton Tantner, Vienna


Thu, 25. April 2013; Seminar Room SEM42, Juridicum I

From Place to Symbol? Ghetto in the European Jewish History of the Early Modern Period

Jürgen Heyde, Halle-Wittenberg


Thu, 2. May 2013; Libaray of the Schottenstift Vienna

Wanderings Through the Library of the Benedictine Abbey of "Our Dear Lady of the Scots" with Special Interest of their Holdings of Christian Hebraism

P. Augustinus Zeman, Vienna


Thu, 16. May 2013; Seminarraum SEM42, Juridicum I

The Imperial Circles as Subjects of Public Internal Law

Stephan Wendehorst, Gießen/Vienna


Thu, 23. May 2013; Seminar Room SEM42, Juridicum I

Jewish Spaces in the Challanging Areas of Territory and Imperial Circle: Jews in the Imperial Count of Hohenems

Wolfgang Scheffknecht, Innsbruck


Thu, 6. June 2013; Seminar Room SEM42, Juridicum I

From Israel Schmidt Sons to Dröll & Scheuermann: the History of a German Real Estate Agency from 1870 until today

Christoph von Schwanenflug, Frankfurt/Main


Thu, 13. June 2013; Seminar Room SEM42, Juridicum I

Rothschild est ici au milieu de ses affaires… Financing of the Austrian Military Campaign for the Abolition of the Revolution in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies 1820

Karin Schneider, Innsbruck


Thu, 20. June 2013; Seminar Room SEM42, Juridicum I, Juridicum I und walk via Schottenhof, Hoher Markt to Judenplatz

Various Latin Inscriptions in Vienna with Special Interest on the Wedding Fountain at the Hoher Markt and the Anti-Semitic Relief at the House "Zum großen Jordan" at the Judenplatz

Peter Roland, Vienna


Thu, 27. June 2013; Lecture Hall 34, Main Building of the University of Vienna

Jewish Studies in Today's Kraków: The Institute for Jewish Studies at the Jagiellon University of Kraków, their Assosciates and their Publications as well as an Overview over the Institute's Research Projects and Cooperations

Edward Wojciech Dąbrowa, Anna Jakimyszyn und Leszek Hońdo, Kraków

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