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Dr. Dieter J. Hecht
Member of the Research Team

mail: dieter.hecht[at]univie.ac.at
phone: +43-1-4277-345-81



Dr. Louise Hecht
Member of the Research Team

mail: anna.louise.hecht[at]univie.ac.at
phone: +43-1-4277-345-81



Mag. Kerstin Mayerhofer, MA
Assistant to the Research Team

mail: kerstin.mayerhofer[at]univie.ac.at
phone: +43-1-4277-345-80 / -81



Dr. Stephan Wendehorst
Interim Coordinator of the Research Cluster "Jewish Holy Roman Empire"

mail: stephan.wendehorst[at]univie.ac.at
phone: +43-1-4277-345-80

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Jewish Holy Roman Empire (JHRE)

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