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Jews and Jewish Communities in Public Ecclesiastical Law - 9th Summer Academy, 2017

„Jews and Jewish Communities in Public Ecclesiastical Law“ ist the special topic of this year’s summer academy. What, at first sight, appears to be a topic for specialists only, has historically been an important factor in framing the relationship betwen state, society and Jews as a community and as individuals. In European countries whose religious constitution is not based on the complete separation betweeen state and church (Austria, Germany, France until 1905, Greece, Russia, Switzerland) the interface between state law and religious laws is still a crucial factor for understanding the relationship between Jews, state and society. Against the background of historical research being traditionally focused on the emanciption of Jews as individuals, the assumption of a general trend of secularization and the invention of the Jews as a modern nation the legal foundations for collective Jewish continuity in public ecclesiastical law have fallen into widespread oblivion. It is the objective of this year’s summer academy to bring back this important, if marginalized part of Jewish history. It is crucial for the understanding not only of European Jewish history. Knowledge of the interface between state law and the laws of religious communities is also critical for understanding the political and legal system of the State of Israel.

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