Palaeography skills in Jewish, legal and general history

Since 2011 the Institute for Legal and Constitutional History has been offering palaeography courses. The main idea is to provide students with an opportunity to acquire or enhance reading skills to master original sources. The manuscript & sources courses developed as a by-product of two research projects “The Jewish Cases of the Imperial Council” and “The practical early modern law of nations: Jean Dumont, Jean-Yves de Saint-Prest, Mathias Dogiel and Johann Jacob Moser“. Over the years a set of palaeography courses has taken shape, including several languages from Czech to German, Hebrew, Yiddish, Judaeo-German and Latin and being offered on different levels.

During the summer term the palaeography courses are offered as part of the univie: summerschool “History of the Jews in the Holy Roman Empire and its successor states”. During the winter term they are offered as regular courses of the Law Faculty.

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