Introduction to Jewish Law in Context

The primary purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to Jewish law, who have an interest in, yet no or little knowldge of it. Taught by faculty of the universities running the Historical Jewish Law Moot Court, it also serves as a first preparatory course for students intent on joining this moot court. Yet there is more to this course than offering a basic introduction to Jewish law. By making forays into Jewish law and its relationship with other laws, including the Ius Commune, American and Israeli law, it is also an excercise in comparative law, religious law, history of law and theory of law. Topics covered in the past include multi-normativity, law & morality, law & narrative, rights-based vs duties-based law, conflict of laws, the state & legal autonomy and property. Modern Legal thinkers that were discussed include Otto Gierke, Hans Kelsen, Wesley Hofeld, Lon Fuller, Ronald Dworkin and Herbert Hart.